FALSE SELF - (Album 2016)

1. It Becomes You
 2. Mechanical Mask
 3. Chaste
4. Petrification Phantasy
5. Landscape Self Blend
6. Ice Carnival

Performed by:
Rudi Arapahoe – Acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments,
tuned percussion and sound design
False Self – SuperCollider and Roland Integra 7
Adelina Vazquez – Bass flute
Cierra Vazquez – Bass clarinet

Album artwork by Jessica Grant

Production notes for the project are available for download here.
Excerpts from the commonplace book that kept during the creation of the album can be viewed here.


01 In Praise Of Mirrors
 02 Double Bind
03 Gregory's Game
  04 The Book Of Knots
05 Endgames

SHUFFLE THE PAGES FEED ME A LINE - (Unreleased Album 2011)

01 Parting Perfumed Waters
02 Marijo And The Migrant
03 Copper Tongue Metal Wings
 04 Pollutions Of Mists And Fog
 05 Traversing Stara Planina
06 Flesh Trick
 07 Sun Dance Rain Dance
 08 To Paint Breath On Air
09 Temple Trap Music
10 Dividing Older Kingdoms
11 Polyhymnia And Svengali

'Shuffle The Pages Feed Me A Line...' is a collaborative work between Rudi Arapahoe and Jovana Backovic.
The album is unreleased.

Track 8 of the album, entitled 'To Paint Breath On Air' appeared on the Symbolic Interaction compilation 'The Silence Was Warm 4'


01 I Close My Eyes And Float To The Ceiling
02 To Gather Flowers
 03 Forest Of Arches
04 Dionysian Birds
05 Every Time I Sleep
 06 Echoes From One To Another
 07 Lunar Semaphore
 08 Conversation Piece
09 Vulture Phantasy
10 Pleroma
11 Last Words Unspoken
12 My Shadow (Vanishes)

Born of a shadowy unconscious, 

‘Echoes From One To Another’ weaves poetic verse through sleep, dreams and the afterlife.

A strange and beautiful tale,

voiced across the windswept plains and forests of purgatory.

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