This is my official shop,  digital downloads in .mp3 and .flac formats are available in  my Music Glue store, I operate a 'pay what you want' business model. If you are unemployed or broke, please help yourself to some free compositions.

If you can afford to chip in a few  pounds to the Helix Branch   cause, I can assure you that they will be well spent, all funds go directly towards instruments, software, studio equipment, studio time and session musicians (all musicians who perform on my work are well compensated). Last year the money collated from your purchases was used to hire a freelance computer programmer to tidy up my SuperCollider code and make my FALSE SELF system a reality - so thank you for your support!  False Self (album) was released on the 4th August 2016. This is first work in a series  that will explore my algorithmic FALSE SELF system in different ways.

Echoes From One To Another
CD Album
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 Pay by NOCHEX

Double Bind
Mini CD
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Audio Mastering Services

Please get in touch for a quote for audio mastering ,my rates typically run from 120GBP to 160GBP for artist albums. A helpful guide on how to best prepare your music for mastering can be found here.