Plates, Vol 1: Système sur-atonal

Plates volume one is an exploration of Erik Satie's cryptic Système sur-atonal. The Système consists of a series of 4 scales suggesting seven four-note chords. The chords consist of only three intervals: Major 3rds, 4ths and diminished 5ths (and their enharmonics).

The EP is a now available for download on Bandcamp!


A False Memory of a Sports Party

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  • If our memories provide the blue print for our identity, what happens if our sense of self is built on a faulty recollection?

During the creation of A False Memory of a Sport Party I was inspired by Elizabeth Loftus's pioneering research into memory distortion and specifically the generation of false memories. The disturbing voices that haunt the album reference Loftus's work. They speak of past traumas, yet we are unsure whether they are lucid recollections or fantastic confabulations.

The album finds me once again working with my False Self system. This time however, I extensively reworked, or to use Loftus's term — distorted, our joint efforts alone, in a final compositional phase.

Rudi Arapahoe 2018

  • Read the post below for notes on the False Self Supercollider program!


False Self

Double Bind (EP 2013) was largely inspired by the writings of Gregory Bateson and Ronald David Laing. The EP explored dualities and the different selves we use to inhabit our various faces. With this new work I wanted to take this exploration further by introducing a new self into the composition process. I created this False Self in the SuperColider programming language, as an algorithmic musician designed to compose and play alongside my true self.

At first False Self composed in a naive fashion, though like any good student; he became more accomplished and free thinking. As time passed I taught him various rules and systems to follow and occasionally deviate from.

As the project progressed I found that if I positively adjusted the timing of his notes in post-production it would give the illusion that he had led the composition and I had been his accompanist. Further I realized that if I recycled the simple initial composition through False Self he would respond with another layer of instrumentation; or as in the case of It Becomes You, I found that if I removed the notation for the lead melody I had composed; then recycled the composition through False Self, my artificial assistant would compose in the vacant space, often to interesting results. The project frequently gave rise to the question of what and why is something in ‘good’ taste. False Self may have followed all of the rules, but due to some unforeseen condition he would make a decision that would take me off guard and lead me into new territory.

Rudi Arapahoe 2016


Double Bind

Limited giclée prints of the EP artwork are available for purchase from Jessica Grant.


The Silence was Warm 4

Artist and curator Kentaro Togawa has relaunched his Symbolic Interaction project with a new compilation album entitled The Silence Was Warm 4. The album features a previously unreleased Arapahoe composition, dating from 2010, that was created in collaboration with the Serbian composer and vocalist Jovana Backovic.



A compilation album, sequenced and mastered by Rudi Arapahoe.

Curated and issued by Time Released Sound.


Instinctive Matter

Wiltons Music Hall

Welcome to the forest; the place where people transform into animals.

Directed and Produced by Tereza Dvorak

Choreographed by Tulimelila Shityuwete & Katie Armstrong

Music composed by Rudi Arapahoe


In Older Kingdoms

Martin Thaulow (DK) and Rudi Arapahoe (UK)

68m2 Gallery - Copenhagen

5th – 26th May 2012

An art installation dealing with time,

decay and the parallel universes we all live in and interact with.


Chilltronica No3

1. Lunar Semaphore & Pleroma - Rudi Arapahoe

2. Into Dust - Mazzy Star

3. Sleepless - Blank & Jones

4. The Broken Places – Moby

5. All Cats Are Grey - The Cure

6. Calling For Prayer (Chant) – Bliss

7. The Call – Cantoma

8. Sleep Will Come – Bliss

9. Fragment - Trespassers William

10. 301210 – Antonymes

11. Only Your Love (Ambient Version) - Blank & Jones with Steve Kilbey

12. Concept One - Sounds & Silence

13. Homesick - Blank & Jones


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Shuffle the Pages Feed Me a Line

In the first week of July Shuta Shinoda worked with Rudi in London to complete mixes on the forthcoming album Shuffle the Pages Feed Me a Line.



Grønbechs Gaard, Bornholm - Denmark

17/06/2011 - 15/08/2011

An art installation by Martin Thaulow combining physical movement in space, ballet and video art.

Performed by Elisabeth Thaulow

Music composed by Rudi Arapahoe



Recently I was invited to sound design Bob Dickinson's new work Rendition. The piece was originally composed by Dickinson in Paris, then evolved through a five stage rehearsal process in which the author worked in tandem with the chamber orchestra, to refine the composition.

The composition was premièred at the launch of Artist Voice Network at the Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre (UK) on the 21st July 2010.



Arapahoe music has been running in a 47 night theatre production of Kunio Shimizu's Gakuya (Dressing Room) in Theatre Tram, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. The production is set to be televised nationally on nine occasions.


Variations on Silence

Conversation Piece features on the compilation CD Variations on Silence brought into the world by P*DIS Japan. Other artists to feature on the disc are Goldmund, Hauschka, Sylvain Chauveau, Akira Kosemura, Balmorhea, Deaf Center, Jacaszek, Peter Broderick, Ryan Teague, Takahiro Kido and Nico Muhly.

The Glen Johnson record 'Details Not Recorded' has been mastered at Purgatory Mastering by Rudi for release on 30th March 09. The album is being released through the artist run collective 'Make Mine Music'.


Echoes from One to Another

’Echoes from One to Another’ has made it's way from Helix Branch to Japanese HMV, Tower Records, Amazon and independents; teleported by Symbolic Interaction's Kentaro Togawa. The record embraces melodic composition and underscores it with spirituality, darkness and wonder. The strong European feel is voiced through harp, soprano, piano, violin, guitar, vintage synthesizers, field recordings and an array of antique electronics; given life by gifted collaborators under my ghostly direction.

A selection of reviews of the album can be read here. The CD is available to purchase on-line from Music Glue (UK & world wide).

Recently added to the 'gallery' section of this website is a photographic collaboration with the artist Piero Roi. Dante Alighieri's journey into the afterlife The Divine Comedy was drawn upon as a rich reservoir of inspiration during the creation of 'Echoes From One To Another'. Their interconnections are made explicit by the haunting series of images Piero captured of me in the forest. Astonishingly each image is the product of a single analogue exposure. The artist is currently exhibiting the images alongside other shadows from his past in 'Art Cover' at Silvy Bassanese Contemporary Art, Biella (Italy)