I am a composer based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. My music explores the identity formation and the delineation between self and other.

I am pursing two strands of work—Plates and False Self.

  • Plates are exploratory miniatures that investigate and devise systems. Plate compositions are research compositions. The systems developed whilst composing Plates feed into False Self compositions.

  • False Self compositions are more expansive than Plates, and seem to have a surreal—drifting quality. The term false self is lifted from the psychiatrist Ronald David Laing's writing. I use it to imply that there is another self working on the compositions with me. The first eleven works of this series were created in collaboration (and sometimes antagonisation) with a self-authored SuperCollider computer algorithm called False Self. These compositions explore the delineation between self and other, through my relationship with my digital shadow.


Plates, Vol1: Système sur-atonal (2020) - EP

A False Memory of a Sports Party (2018) - Album (AWAL)

False Self (2016) - Album (AWAL)

Double Bind (2013) - EP (AWAL & Hibernate Recordings)

Echoes From One To Another (2008)Album (AWAL & Symbolic Interaction)

Mixed media artworks (as a collaborating artist)

In Older Kingdoms (2012) - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Denmark)

Contraction (2011) - with Martin Thaulow (Dance & Installation - Denmark)

The Conversation (2008) - with Piero Roi (Photographic / Performance)