Current practice:

I am currently pursing two strands of work—Plates and False Self.

  • Plates are exploratory compositions for unaccompanied keyboard instruments that investigate harmonic systems and intervals.
  • False Self works explore indeterminacy, computer assisted composition and timbre.


BSc Psychology - University Of Hull


Plates, Vol1: Système sur-atonal (2020) - EP (AWAL)

A False Memory of a Sports Party (2018) - Album (AWAL)

False Self (2016) - Album (AWAL)

Double Bind (2013) - EP (AWAL & Hibernate Recordings)

Echoes From One To Another (2008)Album (AWAL & Symbolic Interaction )

Mixed media artworks (as a collaborating artist)

In Older Kingdoms (2012) - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Denmark)

Contraction (2011) - with Martin Thaulow (Dance & Installation - Denmark)

The Conversation - with Piero Roi (Photographic / Performance)